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Proteomic Analysis of the Human Serum Proteome for Population Screening, Diagnosis and Biomarker Discovery

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The Human Serum Proteome study has been awarded approximately £1 million over three years by the Medical Research Council. Its primary purpose is to determine the potential for diagnosing various cancers and other diseases through the identification of proteomic biomarkers found in human serum.

Please click here for more details of the project, the key people involved with it and its current publications.

In order to see the a more thorough overview of the study, including goals, key issues, technical approach and expected impact, please click here.

Biochemistry Group

Medical Group

Mathematical Group

Professor Mike Waterfield

Professor Ian Jacobs

Alex Gammerman

Professor Alex Gammerman

Dr Musarat Kabir
Dr Usha Menon
Dr Zhiyuan Luo
Dr John Timms
Dr Adam Rosenthal
Dr Ilia Nouretdinov
Professor Rainer Cramer (UoR)
Dr Alex Gentry-Maharaj
Professor Vladimir Vovk
Dr Ali Tiss (UoR)
Professor Alexey Chervonenkis
Dr Celia Smith
Dr Brian Burford
Dmitry Devetyarov

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