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CLRC Events

The CLRC has played host to a number of events over the years. With access to all of the College's excellent facilities - lecture rooms and visual aids, as well as the College catering services - we are able to organise anything from small seminars with invited speakers to all day events.

The Annual Kolmogorov Lecture

The Computer Learning Research Centre presents an annual lecture series commemorating the life and work of the highly influential mathematician Andrei Kolmogorov.The lecture addresses current issues arising from the impact of Kolmogorov’s work in the fields of mathematical and computer science.Each Kolmogorov Lecture is given by one of the leading figures in their field, who is presented with a medal in recognition of their own contribution to science. Coming up to its fourth year, the series has been a great success, drawing participants from academia and industry and leading to publications in the BCS "Computer Journal".

Further information on the lectures can be found on the Kolmogorov Lecture and Medal webpages.


R. Solomonoff photo 2003 - Professor Ray Solomonoff
"A General System for Incremental Learning"

L. Levin photo2004 - Professor Leonid Levin
"Randomness and Non-determinism"

P. Martin-Loff photo2005 - Professor Per Martin-Löf
"Zermelo's axiom of choice: What was the problem with it?"

J. Rissanen photo2006 - Professor Jorma Rissanen
"The Structure Function and Distinguishable Models of Data"

2007 - Professor Yakov Sinai
"Renormalization Group Theory in Probability and Analysis."

2010 - Professor Robert Merton
"Observations on the Science of Finance in the Practice of Finance: Past, Present and Future."

Other Events

GTP2010: Third Workshop on Game-Theoretic Probability and Related Topics, 21-23 June 2010, Royal Holloway, University of London.

CLRC Colloqiua and Departmental Seminars in the Computer Science Department.

Past Events

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