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Support Vector Machines are learning machines that can perform binary classification (pattern recognition) and real valued function approximation (regression estimation) tasks. Support Vector Machines non-linearly map their n-dimensional input space into a high dimensional feature space. In this high dimesional feature space a linear classifier is constructed. For further information see our publications list.

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A new technique for "hedging" predictions was presented and discussed recently by Alexander Gammerman and Vladimir Vovk at a special meeting of the British Computer Society. The method can be applied to many algorithms, including Support Vector Machines, Kernel Ridge Regression, Kernel Nearest Neighbours and other state-of-the-art methods.

The hedged predictions include confidence measures that are provably valid and it becomes possible to control the number of errors by selecting a suitable confidence level.

The discussants of the technique included Vladimir Vapnik, Alexey Chervonenkis, Glenn Shafer, Zhiyuan Luo and many others.

The paper and the discussion can be found here.

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